Universal Cabinet

Universal Cabinet

Universal Cabinet

Printing suspects is a daily requirement for law enforcement personnel. It calls for
rapid, high quality print capture and biographical data input for quick identification
and background checks through inquiries to local or remote AFIS databases.
The Crossmath Universal Cabinet accommodates all FBI certified forensic-quality
L Scan® palm print and Guardian® family ten-print fingerprint scanners. All user
control elements are arranged ergonomically to make the job of booking officers as
easy and safe as possible. The large flat screen display with optional touch screen
functionality is located in an optimal position and displays the captured fingerprints
in full resolution.
The workspace surrounding the scanner provides additional area for placing
documents or connecting additional input devices, such as signature capture
devices. Foot switch controls are conveniently located at both front corners.
Capturing all prints and textual data is an intuitive process that takes just a few
minutes. The optional camera mounting bracket allows convenient fixed installation
of a video or still camera to capture mug shot and scar, mark and tattoo (SMT)
images. In addition a flexible mount is offered for securing a Crossmatch I-Scan 2
(iris scanner). The Universal Cabinet was designed to deliver optimum performance
and reliability in an easy to use configuration whether processing cooperative or
uncooperative applicants.


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