SEEK Avenger

SEEK Avenger

Mobile Enrollment Device

SEEK Avenger

Ideally suited for in-field operations, the compact SEEK Avenger is the only fully certified biometric enrollment and credential reading solution purpose-built to perform in the harsh and challenging environments of the military, border security and law enforcement. Combining forensic-quality fingerprint, stand-off dual iris capture, high resolution facial and evidence imaging, and multiple format credential reading, the SEEK Avenger delivers the ideal blend of beauty, brawn and intelligence.

The SEEK Avenger provides mission flexibility by limiting operating constraints; for example, iris images can simultaneously be captured in any lighting conditions, including full sunlight, and the subjects' eyes are in full view and accessible to the operator. Optional 3G/4G wireless connectivity and an onboard watch list of up to 250,000 records, eliminate the need to transport unknown subjects in uncertain conditions for enrollment or identification, further reducing operational risk. These capabilities prove extremely valuable in highly remote locations, conditions where connectivity has been compromised, or when virtually instantaneous confirmation is required.

The SEEK Avenger delivers superior multi-biometric enrollment and identity management capabilities in an age where risks are not always obvious and can carry extreme consequences. Being able to rely on a high degree of mobility, interoperability, and rapid accuracy can provide the decisive difference. Coupled with MOBS Software from Crossmatch, the Avenger becomes a mobile enrollment and EBTS generation device for real time updates of critical databases to be shared or searched.



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