FOCOS2 Dual Camera Forensic Optical Comparison Examination System

FOCOS2 Dual Camera Forensic Optical Comparison Examination System


The Sirchie FOCOS2™ Dual Camera Forensic Optical Comparator / Examination Station utilizes two 8 MP cameras mounted on dual side-by-side swing arms allowing the cameras to be adjusted with unparalleled range of motion and tilt for viewing of physical evidence. Integrated LED ring light technology allows the examiner to view items of interest under white, blue (455nm) and Longwave UV (395nm) light.


Key features to help you work efficiently include:
  • Proprietary Sirchie FOCOS2™ live camera capture module integrated in CSI Pix software designed to work with the two integrated cameras for efficient comparisons of latent prints and other physical evidence. Excellent tool for peer review of latent prints (ACE-V)
  • 2 - 8MP cameras allow for 1000 ppi image capture to FBI requirements. Mounted on movable arms that allow for near 360 degree rotation of each camera on axis and around the base platform with white, blue (455nm), and Longwave UV lights (395nm) for a broad range of forensic examination applications
  • Magnet mounted quick change Yellow and Orange camera filters for eliminating backgrounds while viewing fluorescent powders, dye stains or other evidence with the UV or Blue lights
  • Stylus-based WACOM touch screen monitor which allows user to make annotations, notes, and documentation directly into image captured from cameras or uploaded from your department’s electronic case files
  • Rugged, sturdy base with matte powder coated finish & included soft gray resin mat to provide muted background options while working with smaller pieces of evidence
  • Integrated PC built to exact specifications for fast software and camera processing
Integrated CSIpix Software
Images from the camera are imported into proprietary software designed in partnership with CSIpix. CSIpix Comparator Software is a Windows-based application for use by forensic professionals. It allows the user to easily and quickly compare two images side-by-side with a complete suite of photo editing tools.
A number of these functions have been written specifically for forensic casework including:
  • Automated scaling
  • Text enhancement of latent images including the ability to plot minutiae
  • Automatic color to grayscale conversion
  • Dewarp Function – utilizes a reference ruler perspective to dewarp the image so that analysis of the evidence (fingerprint, shoe print, tire track, etc) will be more accurate
  • CSIpix Notes allows the examiner to take notes and save them with the case file
  • Ability to open and save fingerprint images in the WSQ format
Cameras, arms, base
Weight: approx. 85 lbs
Dimensions: 24 in x 24 in x 24 in H (arms fully extended upward)
Weight: approx. 22 lbs
Dimensions: 14.2 in x 6.9 in x 16.4in
WACOM monitor
Weight: approx. 16 lbs
Dimensions: 22.2 in x 14.7 in x 2.2 in
System Contents
Computer w/keyboard, mouse, Win7-64bit Pro, CSIpix, JAI SDK (all preloaded), dual port gigabit NIC, video card w/DVI
WACOM monitor w/stylus, power supply, DVI input, USB input
FOCOS2™ system w/base, gray overlay mat, articulating armature, integrated dc power supply & cabling, foam-lined storage
compartment with 4 lens filters (2=org, 2=yel), 2 each AB800-GE 8MP color cameras, 2 each F-mount 55mm zoom macro lenses,
2-selectable wavelength LED rings (white, royal blue 455nm, long-wave UV 395nm), fully dimmable, with integrated diffuser,
integrated leveling indicator


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