The Smart-Max device has multiple functions*:

1. Preparing cellular products for cryopreparation with automated mixing and cooling technology

2. Preparing cellular products for infusion by thawing or incubation of frozen products

3. Adding reagents such as cryoprotectant or dilution media at a controlled rate into cellular products

4. Potential to be used in incubation, digestion, and other cell therapy applications

The Smart-Max is a hands-free device designed for safe and reproducible procedures. It allows multiple units of various sizes to be connected at once. A data storage and transfer function allows the traceability of each unique unit.

*US FDA has concluded the Smart-Max is not a medical device but manufacturing equipment which performs in a regulated cord blood manufacturing process. Other applications may designate the Smart-Max as medical device and therefore are available for use only under an approved Investigational New Drug (IND) application or Investigational Device Exemption (IDE), which is the sole responsibility of the user.

    Some of the essential features of Smart-Max:

    USB ports to connect printer, barcode scanner, memory sticks and other usual PC interfaces.
    LAN, WLAN integration.
    User selectable multi-language support.
    Enhanced traceability features (e.g.: collect patient file via USB).
    Pneumatic mixing technology for optimal product mixing during reagent infusion.
    Universal cooling plate for small and large volume blood bags.
    Possibility of cooling down to 1°C and heating up to 50°C.
    2 peristaltic pumps for DMSO infusion, parallel infusions possible.
    Possibility to inject DMSO in two cryobags at the same time (dual platform).
    Remote access possibility via internet.


    • Dimensions
      Width: 27 cm (10.6 in)
      Length: 32 cm (12.6 in)
      Height: 17 cm (6.7 in)
    • Weight
      8.5 kg (18.7 lbs)



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