Cell Culture

Cell Culture

PermaLife Cell Culture Bags

PermaLife Bags are used for cell storage, cryopreservation, genetic engineering, and vector production.
Cell Culture: The OriGen PermaLife™ bag represents the optimal way to harvest, expand, protect and preserve critical cell cultures. The bags have received marketing clearance from the FDA and are indicated for use in protecting, storing and freezing cells and tissues. Made completely of inert FEP, the PermaLife bag contains no plasticizers or chemical residuals to leach into or alter delicate cell cultures.
Freezing Bags: The PermaLife storage bags can also be used as freezing bags for cell suspensions. FEP remains flexible at liquid nitrogen temperatures, and is unsurpassed as a cryogenic 

Features of the OriGen PermaLife Cell Storage Bags

Inert: FEP is chemically and biologically inert, so the bag will not alter the culture or the medium. FEP neither combines with any element, nor gives up any components of its own to the solution held in the cell culture bag.
Breathable: FEP film is gas permeable and gas transfer rates for oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen have been published. However, FEP is practically impermeable to water so water losses from the cell culture is negligible. Humidified incubators - potential sources of mold and contamination - are not necessary.
Sealed: The PermaLife cell storage bag is a closed system, so the possibility of contamination is greatly reduced.
Optical: The PermaLife bag has an optical transmission of greater than 95%. Observation of cell cultures under a microscope is easy, and can be done without risking contamination of the sample.
Thermal: The PermaLife bag can be used as a freezing bag, and remains flexible with no significant decrease in mechanical strength at temperatures from cryogenic storage (-196ºC) to high autoclave (+137ºC).
Safety Features: Each bag has a hanger hole.  Each bag comes with a needle-free adapter to reduce the chance of needle sticks.
Needle-Free: A sterile, needle-free, luer-actuated adapter is attached to each bag. This self-sealing valve makes it easy to feed and harvest sensitive cells without having to expose them to contamination. The valve face is swabable and can be activated with any male luer device, such as a standard syringe.

Evolve Cell Culture Bags

Closed system bags for cell culture and expansion.

The OriGen Evolve® cell culture bags represent the optimal way to harvest, expand and concentrate critical cell cultures. Made of EVO, a proprietary copolymer, the Evolve bag is contains no plasticizers or chemical residuals which could leach into and alter cell cultures. The larger size bags have hermetically sealed spike ports.

Evolve bags are a closed system, which will reduce the possibility of contamination when compared to rigid flasks or bottles. The Evolve bags are gas permeable, and provide a high rate of oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer to cells under culture. Additionally water permeability is very low, so water loss is small and humidified incubators are not required.

The Evolve Bag is an economical choice for cell culture and expansion.

Accessory Sets

OriGen Biomedical offers a variety of tube sets, spikes and adapters for cell transfer, recovery and processing.

OriGen accessory sets are intended to streamline cell processing; adapting to your process rather than the other way around.

OriGen Biomedical offers a variety of tube sets, bag spikes, and adapters for stem cell transplant and cellular therapy.  These accessories are targeted at improving cell transfer, cell freezing, cell thawing, cell processing, and cell sampling.  Many of the accessories offer needle free options, and others allow for closed system processing. Many of OriGen's accessory products & tubing sets are DMSO resistant due to its prevalence in blood cryopreservation processes.

All accessory sets are packed in a Tyvek® peel pouch and sold sterile. All materials are USP Class VI. 


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